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Welcome to the Space Squid submissions page! First time? Just fill out the form below to submit your story AND set up an account that you can use to check the status of your submission.
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  1. IMPORTANT: Although we publish and love funny stories, we're looking for thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, unconventional stories. We do not accept alien rape stories or stories created using AI assistance like ChatGPT. You've already read our writer's guidelines, right?
  2. Word limit is 5000. If you are convinced your overlong story is right for us, tell us why in the Comments. Overlong + no comment = you may have joined our banned writers list.
  3. If you are using a pseudonym, please put that name in the "Writer Name" space.
  4. You agree to receive our monthly email which tells you when we publish new stories. Reading our stories is free and a damned good way to figure out what we like.
  5. We welcome comics and video submissions, and this form accept most popular formats up to 5 MB. If it doesn't work for you, please use the contact form at to tell us what is broken.
  6. Please use Shunn modern manuscript format. We're not fascists but if your story is sloppy it's getting rejected without being read. Also, please do not spoil your story by sending us a summary in the Comments.
  7. If your work is a reprint or excerpt, please put the publication name/details and approximate date of previous publication in the Comments. We only accept unpublished or once-published work. Failure to identify a reprint/excerpt can land you on our banned writers list.
  8. Also in the Comments, please include a list of where your OTHER fiction has been published before (if any; we enjoy finding new talent). Do us the courtesy of following our guidelines and we'll do you the courtesy of considering your work!
Thanks for sharing your work with Space Squid!

p.s. Editor Sarah is seeking submissions for a travel-oriented anthology. Find out more!
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